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All Discerning NPP Faithful to be Supportive of any Move to Sack Kwabena Agyepong & Co

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2015-05-18 01:19:34
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All Discerning NPP Faithful to be Supportive of an

Did u really thought of the implications of the NONSENSE u just put there, rockson or whatever u said ur name was ?? in fact u are the one who should rather be hanged by Ghanaians. What makes u think Ghanaians are rooting for ur nana? gyemee!!!!!. Was Kwabena Agyapong the general Secretary when nana woefully lost the 2008 elections? Was Paul Afoko ur chairman when nana woefully lost the aforementioned presidential elections? gyemee!! Were the two persons in-charge when ur nana addo was defeated in 2012 elections? Because u guys are stupidly blindfolded by this nana tin, u cant notice that ur immediate past executives are the cause of ur problems. It is rather that, Kwabena and Afoko's success in bringing the party into power will remind the likes of, SIR JOHN, KYEREMATEN AGYAKO, GABBY OCHERE DARKO, JAKE, TITUS GLOVER, and the rest, of their failure. I will say that, delegates of the party should be blamed for electing nana addo for the third time after leading the party into a shocking defeat in 2012. Should it be akyem man at all cost? Is he the only financier of the party? Is he the only able person in the party? Is it because he's called nana that makes u guys root for him in the party? U guys blamed jak for nana's defeat in 2008 for not fully supporting him. U guys blamed Afari Gyan and supreme court for rigging in 2012. U are preparing AFOKO and KWABENA to be hanged for his possible defeat in 2016 abi? Can't u guys realize that the man can only lead a few FOOLS that calls themselves npp delegates but not the nation as whole? Check from the UK where very young party leaders are resigning to give others the chance to bring onboard fresh ideas and leadership skills to lead their party. I will NOT root for an old man who is bent on becoming president at all cost, NO WAY!!! NOT after all-die-bi-die and yen akanfuo. Did u not realize that, Kwabena and Afoko were not elected by brainless masses u call grassroots but by the discerning executives unlike nana addo? gyemee!! Only discerning people are allowed to vote in China if u don't know. U have a party where any potential leader is rundown and vilified to the latter for the interest in one vicious man. Did u not see how the ndc elect Atta Mills for the third time. How beautiful it was, how he brought the departed onboard? If u like, try anything like #kwabena&afokomustgo. gyemee!

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