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Breaking The Revolving Cycle Of Doom – Time for Paa Kwasi Nduom

Comment: Leave Nduom Alone

Adjetey Nelson
2015-05-10 08:05:15
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Re: We get the government we vote for

Sam, stop the rubbish. Why are you behaving like a hypocrite. When Nkrumah left the UGCC when did you not tell him to wait for self government within the shortest possible time. The best decision for Nduom was to have left the cpp. That party was going to kill him plans. They are not serious. A leader is not supposed to use insulting languague. The word samia used was "nonsense" and not silly. Nonsense means foolish. I am happy Nduom has succeeded in building an attractive party like PPP. This is what Ghana needs and not those useless "titi" parties

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05-09 04:46
Leave Nduom Alone
Adjetey Nelson
05-10 08:05