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How Convenient: History Repeats Itself In Black Face

Comment: BUSIA DID 1000X WORSE!

2015-05-09 01:40:45
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A demagogue is a demagogue

I was thinking I was at least going to read how what was happenning in SA had happened and continue to fester in other parts of Africa on a much bigger and worse case, having been organised by their states, not rowdy civilians! Yes, one must read about Busia's ACO in order to appreciat the horror it caused and devastation it caused to 100s of 10000s of fellow W. Africans, even fellow Ghanaians.

So much hypocrisy is oozing out from the ears, noses, mouths and every orifice of those condemning the perpetrators of the xenophobic attacks in SA. Ahoofe is the last person to sermonise on this matter. At least the SA blacks were attacking non-SA blacks, not fellow S. Africans. In Ghana, NPP politicians are hailed as heroes for calling for Ewes and Gas to be killed! And Ewes are daily threaten with expulsion to Togo, as if they lands of their birth in the VR once belonged to the slave raiding ancestors of these goons!

I need to wrote a full scale articl eto expose the full blown hypocrisy all over Africa on this issue. Was it not in Nigeria necklacing started? How many Ghanaians were necklaced there in the early '80s? And how many died in the Black Maria incidence?

Black-on-black violence? Ever heard of teh Hutus and Tutsis of Burundi and Rwanda? Or that 5m pple died in the Congo DRC since the mid-90s?


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