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How, Why and When is an “Obrempon” Elevated to the Status of “Omanhene” in Asanteman?

Comment: Article full of ignorance

Achie, Accra
2015-04-17 21:10:54
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How, Why and When is an “Obrempon” Elevated to

What type of history books does this guy read.i dont know what u want to achieve? Even if u dont like what Osei Tutu is doing u dont run down the office he occupies which is the office of Asantehene. Pls note that Osei Tutu isnt the first Asantehene and wont be the last.Why do u want to run down the whole institution bcos in ur view the occupant aired in the Kumawu issues.I dont believe u are really Asante bcos Asantes may hate the occupant of the stool but have never shown this level of disrespect to the office if the Asantehene.
Moreso,u seem to be so ignorant with Asante history. There was no Asantehene before the golden stool, the stool became the most powerful authority in the new kingsom hence the Asantehene the most powerful chief.
Pls learn well.

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04-08 01:02
Article full of ignorance
Achie, Accra
04-17 21:10