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How, Why and When is an “Obrempon” Elevated to the Status of “Omanhene” in Asanteman?

Comment: State the truth

Bonsra- Kumasi
2015-04-08 14:36:23
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How, Why and When is an “Obrempon” Elevated to

Mr. Rockson Adofo shoud do the society good by saying the truth devoid of emotions and interest. It is disturbing to hear seemingly falsehood and half truth in almost all his articles. Some facts in this case:
1. Berekum is part of the Asanteman Council.
2. There are 4 paramount chiefs in Kumasi. Bantama, Asafo, Adonten and Akyempem.
3. The position of Asantehene is above a paramount chief. This is enshrined in the Chieftaincy Act and guaranteed by the constitution of Ghana.
4. The Chieftaincy Act defined chief to comprise of: Asantehene and Paramount Chiefs
Divisional Chiefs or Abrempong
Odikro nd others
5.It was Otumfour Opoku Ware II who elevated Tuobodom Stool into paramountcy and not the current Asantehene.

My advise to you is to state and stand by the truth devoid of other biases. Additionally, be civil in your writings

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State the truth
Bonsra- Kumasi
04-08 14:36