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'Shamo Wonder': What killed Shamo Quaye?

Comment: RIP Shamo Leather!

Ghfuo: Be Ruthless, hang nyantakyi, N
2014-11-30 17:21:36
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Nyantakyi must leave, NOW!
The longer he stays, the worse things are going to get. This is what whyni i like the naija people. If nyantakyi was in naija. His car,.offices would have already been shot up, bombed or terrorized. His car would have been set on fire, kids kidnapped or.some shit. Ghanaians are all talk, talk, talking nkoaa, Niggeritis dull tings nkoaa, muahahahahaaaaaaa tweaaa. Look, If nyantakyi is cheating with u17. Wat else has he swerved and will continue to steal from gfa?
@papi: U say I'm evil? At least I'm not the one chopping ghana money nyafu nyafuki at taxpayers expense..u17 cheating amongst others. Look, I'm not advocating death to the guy. If he dosent get the message that we want him out. Then perhaps the message needs clarity.
Management Cmttee Jobs.....
Breeds sika die3y and confusion!
Please tell me what systems the Germans, Brasilians, Italians and spain are using to see them achieve much success.with their national teams?..shouldnt the respective coaches of the teams be the ones acting in the capacities as management Cmttee chairmen as well? What is the role, responsibility of the management cmtee chairman anyways? So what happens when a bstar/satellites management chairman and bstar/satellites Coach have issues with player selection, where to sleep, travel plans, amount of people in player dressing rooms etc? What will happen? Fistfights between chairperson and team coaches or another muntari episode? Tweaaaaa, Ghana! Nyantakyi is a 3triple dummy devoid of common sense and reasoning. I'm ready to give someone $100 to kill nyantakyi, cool. He dosent deserve to live. Too greedy and stupid!

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11-30 15:40
RIP Shamo Leather!
Ghfuo: Be Ruthless, hang nyantakyi, N
11-30 17:21