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Comment: G. K. Berko, leave them...

2014-11-03 15:09:01
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You May Have To Get Out of the Dungeon..

Someone made an observation that NPP supporters cannot open their mouths without insulting others. This is very true.

If people like Dungeon Master, Mr. Figure-Out or even Okoampa will come out and insult everyone else who does not endorse their man, how can the insulted vote for their man?

No way! And thank goodness, even those insulted also have the same vote like them. And they will exercise their right to vote the way they like.

They are painting a doomsday scenario for Ghana on a daily basis AS A JUSTIFICATION FOR VOTING FOR AKUFO-ADDO. Obviously, as you said, G. K. their SANITY does not let them to the truth that the Ghanaian voter is driven by more things than just bread and butter economics!

And there are still many in Ghana with strong ideological reasons for voting a particular way.

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G. K. Berko, leave them...
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