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Comment: Re: Otiko Djaba vrs Dede Djaba

Isaac Osei,M.D
2014-11-03 11:21:32
Comment to:
Otiko Djaba vrs Dede Djaba

If my memory serves me right ,Nana Addo after the election petition issue was resolved ,went to vacation in the UK. Kofi Agyemang you answer this,Do you believe the UK government will let Nana into the UK,if he was ever involved in any Drug case at Heathrow? The UK and other developed countries like the USA is no respecter of personalities when it comes to Drug trafficking ,unlike Ghana.Please stop the shameless spreading of unfounded Rumours to tarnish Nana's hard worn reputation!!

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11-03 01:57
Re: Otiko Djaba vrs Dede Djaba
Isaac Osei,M.D
11-03 11:21