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Comment: Kofi, Dede Djaba Did Issue A Disclamer

Mr. Figure-Out
2014-11-03 06:37:23
Comment to:
Call Attorney Dede Djaba

Kofi Agyeman, stop being naive and ignorant. This Dede baby did issue a disclaimer in a written statement, undersigned by same, in a publication which was featured on Ghanaweb sometime last week. Dede completely weaned and washed her hands clean of that unmeritorious and factually deficient claim which sought to denigrate and inpugn the integrity and hard won reputation of the peoples' man of the moment. The UK, unlike Ghana, has the reputation of keeping records so it is not too difficult for dimwits of your demented ilk to push further to unearth or ascertain the veracity of that useless claim.

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11-03 01:57
Kofi, Dede Djaba Did Issue A Disclamer
Mr. Figure-Out
11-03 06:37