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Comment: Call Attorney Dede Djaba

Kofi Agyeman
2014-11-03 03:13:26
Comment to:
Kofi Agyeman, The British Media...

Okoampa, this story is not about any body else ,it is about Nana Akuffo
Okoampa, Call an Attorney by name Dede Djaba in London. She will tell you the whole story.You supposed to be writing a book together with her.
She is a very respectable Lawyer in UK.
Since you know it all, can you tell us about the drug related case at Heatrow .
Airport of which Nana Akuffo had been part of .
You know Dede Djaba is an insider of your party.
Refer to Ghanaweb article on October 22 2014.

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11-03 01:57
Call Attorney Dede Djaba
Kofi Agyeman
11-03 03:13