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Oh Kumawuman, Thou Shall Know Your Fate In Six Days Time!

Comment: Stop the insult and address the issues

2014-10-07 05:42:28
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kumawu ni ba

Okkk. What's your comments have to do with the subject matter here? I thought you were going to dispute Adofo's allegations with solid proofs to convince onlookers like me. Unfortunately, you rather resorted to insinuations and name-calling. Sounds like you are trying to divert attention from some real issues that you don't want Adofo to bring up. I read a lot about this Kumawu chieftaincy issue here but always it looks like a one way assult on the writer without any corresponding rebuttals from the other side. Honestly, I am sick and tired of Adofo's rantings here but judging from the reactions of many readers, I am inclined to believe that maybe he has a genuine story to tell

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10-07 00:43
Stop the insult and address the issues
10-07 05:42