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Sammy Crabbe Awarded Nobel Prize In Criminal Sophistry

Comment: Okoampa, come to Ghana to fight

2014-08-25 13:35:01
Comment to:

Okoampa should come down to Ghana and join the fight not sit in New York and babble on things he has no first hand knowledge of.

If he is not a registered voter in Ghana, he is late for this year. The voters' register review week has ended. But it will be opened again next year and before the elections in 2016 for those who have come of age during the period and those who for one reason or the other never registered - especially the foreign based Ghanaians.

Without being a bona fide and eligible Ghanaian voter, you can only make empty noise about the political processes in the country

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08-25 00:18
Okoampa, come to Ghana to fight
08-25 13:35