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Akrasi Sarpong Ought to Know Better | (comment 10807079)
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Akrasi Sarpong Ought to Know Better

Comment: Professor Without BrainsO

2014-08-25 07:53:22
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Akrasi Sarpong Ought to Know Better

It is laughable that Okoampah wanted his convicted buddy, Amoateng to be accorded decency and decorum, when indeed this is what he himself lacks.

First, it is pathetic such suggestion is coming from Ahoofe. This man is seriously sick in the head. No doubt, his lack of decency, truancy and the life style living as street 'nigger' in a corner of Garden City, New York has lowered his IQ to negative.

Following the warning from his employers, Nassau Community College to stop using it's name in his silly articles, after complaints from the reading public he hasn't got the balls to challege them.

This man needs serious help and until the authorities put him into care/section him under the Mental Health Care, i'm afraid society has a huge job on it's hand.

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08-25 00:15
Professor Without BrainsO
08-25 07:53