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Akrasi Sarpong Ought to Know Better

Comment: Ask Akufo-Addo. He Will Tell You All...

G. K. Berko
2014-08-25 02:40:44
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Akrasi Sarpong Ought to Know Better

Why don't you ask Akufo-Addo how he dealt with Raymond Amankwaah, the International Drug Kingpin who was grabbed to jail in Europe, following his last deal in Brazil?

Then, you would have a fuller picture of how such Drug criminals have been handled in Ghana with the various Governments.

You have a notorious way of shoving the faults of your favorite Politicians into convenient oblivion, while accentuating the publicity of others who commit similar mistakes.

If Rawlings provided refuge for Drug moguls, your Akufo-Addo's reign at the Justice Ministry was reported to have ensured similar criminals enjoyed majestic hospitality, and extended diplomatic privileges to them. Why don't you mention that?

I empathize with Amoateng for the ordeal he went through. But there is no doubt that he knew the risks involved in his adventure but ignored them to his detriment. My only worry about his pick-up by the Security Agents in Ghana was the possibility of meting a 'double jeopardy' penalty to him.

If our Laws required that anyone in his situation had to be debriefed, re-examined to find out his properties were ill-gotten via the criminal behavior he engaged in, we should let the Law work to its natural end. We could only plead that the Security Agencies would temper his extended legal processing with leniency or mercy.

The fact that some other culprit in a similar crime did not get the same penalty, or post-penalty scrutiny, in the past, does not necessarily mean a partisan discrimination of some sort is at play. What engendered Amoateng's pick-up was his purported fraudulent use of a Passport that he returned to the country with.

Had he used his own legally authentic passport to travel with, I do not think the Security Agencies would have had any immediate reason to detain him on arrival.

Why did you not make reference to that possible breach of the Law by Amoateng regarding the Passport? We should be careful how we almost always turn every issue into some partisan horse to beat.

You seem to have been all tuned up to present your indictment of the NDC Government right from the beginning in this case, so anything that could mitigate your purpose in the Government's favor had to be conveniently overlooked.

If we want our democracy to work, where our Laws are duly enforced, we must not play politics with certain issues that have universal impact on us. Such need most objective handling.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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08-25 00:15
Ask Akufo-Addo. He Will Tell You All...
G. K. Berko
08-25 02:40