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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

Comment: Why tax the only saviour my family has?

Obaa panin
2003-01-21 10:00:49
Comment to:
Taxes on Ghanaians resident abroad.

Those of us living abroad are already contributing to the economy with our transfers as the President rightly suggested. Why tax us on top of that.

So far - because I am not related to the President, Sam Jonah or any of the big shots in Ghana now, none of my relatives back home will get a decent job. If you are in business no contracts either - They have to pay for everything with the money I send to them. So why tax me as well.

The President has already said that he is grateful for the transfers we make!

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01-21 03:03
Why tax the only saviour my family has?
Obaa panin
01-21 10:00