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The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

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2003-01-21 06:33:28
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RE: The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage

All of you are exhibiting the true 'Ghanaian' personal qualities, good of course. Quality of kindness, hospitality, wisdom, concern for one another etc. My problem is these character qualities need to be positively and agressively employed at times and this is the time. The government is doing its best but its best is now not enough to ensure my 65 year old mother, the poor farmer in the village gets at least her basic needs to enjoy before going 'home'. Why do we say people riding in $100,000 BMW should feel the pinch of high petroleum prices? How can they feel it when they have the money? In effect the government is throwing the stone to kill they big bird(the richman) but rather killing the small birds, the majority 75% (our poor rural population) enmass. My government, why won't you look into TOR and plug the holes through which some of the monies are draining, look within yourselves and see where you can cut down on your expenditure, look at the suggestions being offered to generate hard money for the country (Ghanaians in the diaspora) and let our rural poor breath enough air of freedom from economic hardship. Food is abundant in Ghana but if the price is on top of the roof it is the rich who has the ladder to rich it. Dear President,your travels have done enough for yourself and your entourage, turn now to they rural folks and sympathise with them otherwise you may have to do your next trip as an ex-president. Watch these things very carefully. I hope Kokonsa will take the rest up us. Amen

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RE: The NPP Govt Petroleum Policy - An outrage
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