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Kyerematen’s Proposal Ambitious But Doable And Sustainable

Comment: Wrong premise

Yaw Ohemeng
2014-07-16 08:41:39
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Kyerematen’s Proposal Ambitious But Doable And S

The proposal started on the wrong premise. There is a difference between party membership and supporters who vote for a party. It is very much inaccurate to assume that the 5 million plus who vote NPP are NPP members.

If you know your party well, you will find out that those who hold party membership cards are less than one million. It is the same with the other major party.

Alan's proposals would have been credible if he was calling for a membership drive to increase the number of card-bearing members.

It is this same miscalculation that is leading him to believe that he has this 5 million votes 'locked' and that all he needed to do is to attract floating voters to add to it.

It is a wrong notion. The 5 million vote NPP because of Akufo Addo. Alan can never assume that this support is already available to him.

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07-16 02:43
Wrong premise
Yaw Ohemeng
07-16 08:41