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Arthur Kenndey writes: Ghana‘s Maturity

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2014-07-10 12:38:55
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Ghana's Maturity

Ma fren, the problem that has been identified with girls staying away from school when menstruating can be solved a different way. Anyway, did the research say that the lack of sanitary pads was the reason they were staying away from school?

Can it not be the lack of toilets in schools which makes it difficult for them to take care of themselves properly and privately, even if they could afford pads or toilet rolls which most women use anyway? Provide toilets and toilet rolls in them and leave the rest to the girls! They prefer to build witch camps though. Tweah!

I taught at the new site of the Ebenezer Sec. School at Dansoman in the mid-80s. There was no toilet whatsoever in the school and the school authorities did not even see the need for it when I raised the issue at staff meeting! I was horrified. Even the old site near De Hays at Mamprobi lacked toilet facilities and we have to use one in the adjoining house. Such uncivilised conditions prevailing in Ghana are the symptoms of the fact that Ghanaians, indeed, are not civilised!

The litany of woes listed by Kennedy simply reflect that. As a late colleague used to remind me when we were both studying in Norway, if we didn't have those conditions, then we wouldn't be listed amongst developing peoples! Problem is, we are taking forever to develop! We are retarded, clinically! No, they are retarded, not me and my children!

Until we have a cadre of civilised Ghanaians, reaching a critical to be able to carry some clout, put their feet down, and insist upon things being done differently cos they know better, we aren't going anywhere soon.

Kennedy should have added Polytechnic lecturers on strike and univ dons some of whom added Ivy League insts. in the West threatening to join in quest of the continuation intellectually and academically monstrosities such as book and research allowances.

For those of us whose grandparents assisted the British colonialists to develop the Gold Coast to the model colony that it was on the eve of indep, when we see the rot setting in and the insane decisions, we are reminded of what Torgbui said when Gbedema led Nkrumah to him to solicit support for independence and the CPP: nothing wrong with your mission but leave one white man for me!

Maybe you should watch this space for an article, tentatively titled: TORGBUI SAYS LEAVE ONE WHITE MAN FOR ME.


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