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Dear Prince Dramani Mahama of Bole Bamboi

Comment: the numbered days of pepeni

insight to the bone
2014-04-22 03:39:57
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some people from the ndc when they hear the truth about their genocide and racist tribalism go into a stupefied frenzy foaming at the mouth thinking that will make their lies and propaganda true . The fact remain the Akans are being systematically denied their rights in their own land , being robbed in broad daylight by this mafia stealing ndc . they even tried to corrupt our morals by forcing down our throats so called sodomy and homosexuality by all surveys prove 98% of the people are firm and steadfastly against such perverse corrupt behavior . the days of the ndc are over but they dont see it , they will not get even 5% of the vote as its now clear to all what their true agenda has always been . The anti Akan mission has failed and we stand stronger than ever before .yes they say anyone who speaks up is illiterate but i say we have gone to the school of hard knocks and graduated from the university of bullshit , right now i am writing my doctorate thesis on the correlation of the female ass shape and the frustration of the people . we see the diverse beauty and fine proportional shape of the Akan woman and compare it to the ugly stinking disproportion of the ayigbe , ga , and pepeni females . We understand the Europeans whose women have bodies with no shape like teenage boys so recognize their inability to differentiate between the sexes and insist that sodomy or gay is right . but for them to come again and misbehave with their cheating bullying and mobbing mentality today is too much, look at even their embassies , almost all of them have walls higher than Jericho or are designed like military bases to keep our people out , i wonder why they even come , we should encourage them to close this offices of oppression and leave , their people are welcome to come but these politicians and their servants are not . in Europe towns with less than 100,000 population have consulates opened but here they all herd up in Accra and talk shit with this EPA, what a nerve , we should cut off their balls and feed it to them . in the meantime after blaming some poor Akan man for the last Turkey/ Iran gold scandal we see now who the real culprits are . Pepeni kwasea himself is putting our gold there as he knows for sure the revolution is coming and he plans to run off to his Islamic criminal brothers .Yes we shall establish a new state based on freedom , equality and justice for all .This idea of reconciliation has denied true justice and all countries that went down that path have only regretted . The Jews didnt accept reconciliation rather up to today hunt down the Nazi criminals , we should deal with jj fake revolutionaries the same way and arrest all of them as a lesson to future generations that crime does not pay no matter the ideology its wrapped in . we see today big men from the ndc trying to cut deals with the npp in secret but we shall never forgive them and make sure they feel the full force of Akan law . their days are numbered , we have defeated them in their propaganda war and now we shall dismantle all their evil

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04-21 23:49
the numbered days of pepeni
insight to the bone
04-22 03:39