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The day Nana Addo was president

Comment: The day Nana drank Pito in Bolgatanga

2014-03-24 12:03:31
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Day dreamer

I was afraid of nana the day drank pito in Bolgatanga. We just returned from a trip to Bawku and nana was sweating. We rushed into Hotel de Bull in Bolga where cold drinks are sold including bottled pito.
The first bottle nana grabbed was chilled pito. He gulped it down. A few minutes later he asked " na insa yi fri hi? Man num bi da, emom e shii me yem e na me koti si ebei Nana". Obi on pe bolga baa kakraka ma mi. Ene ebe yiri.
After this he looked at me and covered his mouth. Later he asked Yeii, me na me kaa saa sem yi, onyame on pangu.

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03-23 22:04
The day Nana drank Pito in Bolgatanga
03-24 12:03