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Please, Help Me Out On Ahoofe’s Pomposity


Victor Quaye
2014-02-01 09:04:57
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Please, Help Me Out On Ahoofe’s Pomposity

Ahoofe has been taken to the cleaners. Only the illiterate Ashanti/Akyem idiots would rally behind him and praise him for his madness and disgrace to the human race. What good is this man, Ahoofe to mother Ghana and the human race? A clone idiot who is foolish of hate for certain tribes in Ghana, and always calling for their exterminations. I don´t know if the world is not aware of the behaviour of this mentally challenged idiot. If a denial of the holocaust is a crime against humanity, what is the definition of that of this useless and foolish man called Ahoofe! In this age when everybody is trying to contribute to his country, his is the opposite. Kudos to this brave and intelligent writer. I have never seen a man with such hatred like this empty and hollow idiot like Ahoofe. What kind of human being is he?
There is another equally useless one, who preffered to called himself by the name of a woman-Akadu Mensema, whose real name is Opare Kurrang. Ghana would be a better place without these two idiots.
Ahoofe has the audacity without shame, to tell somebody that he has had sex with his mother in the bush. Is this man normal? Is this foolish man fit to be among human beings? Only animals have sex in the bush and am sure he is one of them, probably a chimp. Basura! Ignorantly, he wants political power, should his drug and tribal warlord, Akufo Addo, becomes the president of this country. It will never happen. Shit!

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Victor Quaye
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