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Has Akufo-Addo let the cat out of the bag?

Comment: Nana has to run....

2014-01-23 17:13:41
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Has Akufo-Addo let the cat out of the bag?

1]Nana will run to consolidate Bawumia's position.
2]a Nana/Bawumia ticket SHALL WIN, the third time around[ READ MY LIPS "IT IS A DONE DEAL"]
3] Nana steps down before the 2018 NPP primaries.
4] Bawumia takes over and nominates JOE GHARTEY(from W/R)for VP.
5] A Bawumia/Ghartey ticket wins an acclamation at the 2018 Primaries, and goes on to win nationally in 2020.
6]NPP will SELF-DESTRUCT if my idol,BAWUMIA, contests in the upcoming NPP Primaries and loses.

This is the ultimate game plan for Nana and the party loyalists, who are pressing very hard on Nana to run; namely, to prevent this potential scenario that could lead to an 'implosion'. Nana personally does not have that much desire to be President, after all those trials and tribulations.
JOE GHARTEY should be VERY VISIBLE on the campaign trails.

The team has to keep Alan Cash et al VERY, VERY HAPPY.
Although it does not matter how many regions a party needs to grab to win nationally, I can, without any second thoughts, pronounce that Ashanti region remains very solidly NPP. E/R stays solidly NPP; and NPP can actually consolidate its hold more firmly if the polling stations/ballot boxes are well-guarded.

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Nana has to run....
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