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Has Akufo-Addo let the cat out of the bag?

Comment: Well said

Yaw Ohemeng
2014-01-23 13:44:09
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Speculation galore!

Nyansasem, you make very good points. I will go with Dr Bawumia but it is the mechanism to get him there that is the problem. I think the future of the NPP is linked to Dr Bawumia.

Here is what I think might happen. Akufo Addo may ran but to use the opportunity to crown Bawumia. If Akufo Addo does ran, he will do a Mandela - to serve for about 3 1/2 years and to step down in favour of Bawumia. With Bawumia as President, the NPP dares not replace him with someone else. That is how, as I see it, Nana will move to consolidate Bawumia's position. This is the only viable way to see what you are proposing, which I support wholeheartedly.

Another way may be for Nana to declare that he would not run but to throw his support behind Dr Bawumia. This will be more divisive. Remember Arthur K attacking Bawumia even when they were in court. He observed then that he hoped no one is grooming Bawumia for leadership of the NPP.

Nana is a tactful politician and I think he will do what he thinks is good for the unity of the NPP and the good of Ghana. I have absolute believe that he will not disappoint by his future actions.

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01-23 07:01
Well said
Yaw Ohemeng
01-23 13:44