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Fighting Genetically Modified Technology In Ghana

Comment: JH New York-Dealing With Other Africans!

Francis Kwarteng
2013-10-22 17:48:26
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Re: Fighting Genetically Modified Technology In Gh

JH New York,

I am not dealing with only Ghana.

I wrote the article on Africa with the idea that Ghana has a lot to learn from others on the continent who have led us in many areas.

I will plead with you to understand the piece in that larger context.

Did you see the Nigerian examples I invoked to explain probable problems we may likely face in the oil industry (and othet industries).

I even cited some cases from America to explain certain things in a Ghanaian context. I also invoked examples from Tanzania, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya.

Therefore, you should have read the piece in that larger context. We must learn to learn from the experiences of others.

A few months ago Ethiopia sent a delegation to Ghana to study how our NHIS works. Ghana has also learned some useful lessons from Norway on oil management.

I hope you have heard about resource curse? Ghana has to work hard not to fall into the same trap.

Already some oil money is disappearingwith no accountability. So, in effect, we are already doing what the Nigerians are doing.

That said, we don't have to wait for our oil industry to run into some of the problems the Nigerian oil industry is facing.

Since oil discovery in Ghana, our leaders have been cautious and publicly made statements on how to manage our oil resources so that we don't fall into the same trap as Nigeria. That is already happening.

In fact, you're thinking of the past 4 decades. I am thinking of 2000 years from now! Your 4 decades are already gone. We don't need that. If anything at all, we need to see how the next 4 decades before us go. The artucles is about the future, the past 4 decades.


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JH New York-Dealing With Other Africans!
Francis Kwarteng
10-22 17:48