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Fighting Genetically Modified Technology In Ghana

Comment: Your Cosncience-Food Sovereignty Ghana

francis kwarteng
2013-10-22 12:54:24
Comment to:
Kwarteng should be embarased (and fired)


Did you read the first two commentators, Nii Ashitey and Togbe Ganyo?

This very article whose forest of analysis you are apparently lost in, have found uncompromising support in Nii Ashitey's moral and intellectual post-moterm expositions and in the visionary creativity of Togbe Ganyo. That's all that matters to me.

In fact, someone, a Ghanaian, wrote me yesterday from California and asked me if I could do another essay on a topic so dear to his heart. It is similar to this article.

He, too, like you, read this very essay (on Modernghana) and was so moved by it. I am going to work on his topic pretty soon.

Have you heard of Food Sovereignty Ghana? Well, it has endorsed the arguments I make in the article.

One of the founding members wrote me yesterday via the editorship of Modernghana.

Do I have to care what you say? Not necessarily! I have Nii Ashitey and others to listen to (even if their reviews are contructively negative. Not the kind of statements you make here). You add nothing of substance to knowledge on this forum.

Don't worry, I have a few admireres out there.


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10-21 23:49
Your Cosncience-Food Sovereignty Ghana
francis kwarteng
10-22 12:54