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NPP needs new leadership with a cosmopolitan outlook

Comment: Re-Tribalism, Tribalism, Tribalism

Oba Panin, Kofi
2013-10-18 08:53:21
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NPP needs new leadership with a cosmopolitan outlo

Kwesi Agbenu, you need to extend your scope of reasoning. Even during the colonial era, I mean UGCC, NLM AND UP(ma te me ho) had Fantes/Akans, Gas, Northerners in their camps. The early formations were financially and politically, lead by the Fantes and the Ahantas and not the Asante/Akyems. It was after Paa Grant and co that JB Danquah and co started to play their dirty politics to satisfy their selfish /egotistical ends. Oh what about Nkrumah's CPP?. There were all representatives from all regions, districts, tribes and clans, males and females but it was not seen as TRIBALISTIC. Is the NDC, CPPP, PPP, NDP etc seen as Akan(Asante/Akyem) DOMINATED PARTIES? So why Ghanaians perception about NPP as an Akan party?
But by the way, we are in a modern era and any good or dynamic organization must work seriously towards the present and the future

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10-18 07:27
Re-Tribalism, Tribalism, Tribalism
Oba Panin, Kofi
10-18 08:53