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Election Cheats are fidgeting as....

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2013-08-26 20:50:52
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Election Cheats are fidgeting as....

Below is the transcript of Samuel Awuku’s pronouncements.

“I will entreat you that a lot of sensitive things will be mentioned today so under no circumstance should anybody record any material apart from what is being videoed by Richard Sarkodie who is security check so its ok.

“Nothing here should go outside for a lot of things that will be said here should not be known to **** **** so please pleaseplease we will entreat you that whatever will be said here remains amongst yourselves as communications team members.

Thank you very much.

First of all I also bring you greetings from the party leadership and from Nana Akomea our communications director. We are very happy and very comfortable with the processes so far but also there are issues …. I know Professor Asare one of our party members and one of the lawyers in the United States has also been firing the judges for their recent cases of contempt. Clearly if you monitor radio in Accra and a newspaper is able to also capture it on the following day then the person is invited for contempt… if you are on a radio station in Kumasi and you say something that needs to back up with then it also becomes contempt. But the question is who monitors radio stations in upper west, in upper east, in the volta region, in BrongAhafo, in western and in central?

For there are serious things also being said at the countryside but because no newspaper captures it, so it becomes very selective one way or the other.

Ebiem .....(a lady says in Akan for ‘’Again’’)

So that that that makes it much more interesting. But it is true that among the nine judges, we also have at least quite a good number who are favourable to our cause and that is the only thing that has restrained us other than that… . Because if you will realise the attack has not been on the nine judges. It has been targeted at a particular individual. (interruption from a male voice.... ‘Atuguba’).

Lets be very fair but because he doesn’t want to go down alone he finds a way of extending it to all his colleagues. But the target among the nine judges has never been AkotoBamfo or BaffoeBonney or Dotse or Adeniyira or Julius Ansah or Gbadegbe or AninYeboah or Gbadegbe. It’s been targeted … because if you have a president of a panel and it is even 8:1, and you are the one dissenting, Jesus Christ, 8:1 and the president of the panel and when you see embarrassment staring you in the face you say AtugubaJJC dissenting on jurisdiction grounds.

But when the others dissent you don’t mention the reasons why they dissented. But someway somehow it’s been a painful seven months but surely it is going to come to a close at the end of this month maximum the first two weeks of August.

Errrrm, things look very good and I am very happy that Nana yaw told me that it is a very secured meeting we are having. There are some information we can share but not for the benefit of it being on radio. But at least if we have that kind of background, it will also help in the discourse on radio and TV.

And for your information most of their administrative officers in the regions have passed on. (audience talk among themselves). Well, the one who was managing ....the one, the one, in charge of elections in the northern regions is dead, the one in the volta too is dead, the one in the BrongAhafo, two of them in the Western Region . Just that when you, when you raise some of these issues, it bothers on emotions and if you don’t take care you will incur the wrath of the family but that is the truth.

Most of them have passed on. I don’t want to give any prediction but we expect to get a, a higher number amongst the nine. Errrr, so let’s all pray and hope that nothing drastic happens, no one loses his life among the nine, which these people are quite, you know, are quite good at. Even a president can die and we can’t have any autopsy and all that and so that’s what we are only praying against that this case should also end well.

We thank you for your support even in the face of extreme provocation and I do hope and pray that it won’t be business as usual, God willing, if the NPP wins this court case, which we are confident we will win. I pray that everybody gets his dream or her wishes someway somehow fulfilled in Accra.

At least, the difference between politics and religion is that for religion, chairman, you are worshipping a god you are not seeing, that it is only when you die that you are honoured there. But in politics, at least, you suffer on earth ... the person should be able to get his reward too on earth. (Applause)

Let our people also enjoy the benefit of us being in government so that when someday we go back into opposition, we all chopped some, we all must work.

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