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Which God Ordained John Mahama ...

Comment: God resisted the arrogant akuffo Addo

New Ekuma
2013-06-27 15:10:18
Comment to:
Which God Ordained John Mahama ...

This author and the so called Kofi Baboni are deceived by Satan. . God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Nana Addo is arrogant compared to Mahama and it will be against the word of God which is God himself to choose Nana Addo and u must get that clear , u damn mother fucker idiot.

We what to hear better prophecy, and kofi basoah is prophecy over an arrogant evil and litigant dwarf and u say God shd bless this evil dwarf who blasphemy 'all die be die' i s an affront to the sacrifice Jesus made to overcome death ?

Nana Addo will never be President so stop deceiving urself of a deceived so called kofi Badsore with his sore losers. NONSEnSE

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06-26 13:15
God resisted the arrogant akuffo Addo
New Ekuma
06-27 15:10