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Which God Ordained John Mahama ...

Comment: Hmmmm

Jack .T
2013-06-27 13:28:24
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Which God Ordained John Mahama ...

Bros and Sis Jack T here ,plz let us not insult prez.Mahama,saying stuff like pepeni plz fellow Ghanians lets discontinue that rhetoric no tribalism.Lets get to business ,i know he Mahama has insulted us by saying that he has been ordained by God ..lets forgive him he does not know what he is doing he is joking arround with the Holy GOD i do not blame him ....Ghanafo just take it from me U CAN RAN BUT CANNOT HIDE...let him enjoy ..its okay he has insulted us by saying he won the election ....even babies know that he rigged...SOON He will regret.PERIOD

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06-26 13:15
Jack .T
06-27 13:28