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Which God Ordained John Mahama ...

Comment: God will not intervine in election

Julius Asiedu-Young
2013-06-26 22:56:32
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Which God Ordained John Mahama ...

As a black man, I will say many of black people are lost, base on my research. Ghanaians are so lost even in football they cry to God to help them win. What about the other team? Did God care about who wins? There are sick people, little kids, people who need food to eat that, need to be care off and yet God care about elections. Yes it is God who created all thing, so he created higher bins and also humans, this higher bin sometimes tell us many revelations and we then thing it God. If it's God who tell the pastor Nana Addo will win, it will come to pass. If you will research about the universe then you will know we are not alone.

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06-26 13:15
God will not intervine in election
Julius Asiedu-Young
06-26 22:56