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The Likely Contemptible Ways of Votes Stealing


mensah abrampa
2013-05-27 07:28:48
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The Likely Contemptible Ways of Votes Stealing

Some political pundits and their aparatchiks hold the wrong notion that elections in Ghana have been rigging free.This is tantamount to saying that Ghana is a corruption free society and it's an industrialized nation.Any plan to continue with the blundering and fraudulent status quo is incongruous with reason and if we don't endeavor to rid ourselves of the twin cankers of corruption and election rigging they will kill us.
What I'm about to say will ruffle some feathers but so be it if it'd preserve national stability and cohesion.
Rigging of elections is not a new phenomenom in Ghana. It started with the coming to power of the CPP and has nothing to do with the Danquah/Busia tradition because between 1957 and 2000 they were in power for just 2 plus years during the Busia administration.
The cockerel lost power in a coup after 9 uninterrupted years of tyrannical rule and fell out of favor.In its stead emerged the audacious NDC which was a motley collection of mostly CPP activists and some disgruntled elements of the Danquah/Busia tradition. The grounded, wounded and ailing cockerel unable to carry on passed the entire rigging machinery to the NDC who mastered it to a near perfection.
Obviously some social democrats of the NDC are clutching their pearls over my comments, perhaps frothing at the mouth but I remain unfazed. I'd rather speak the truth and shame the devil than watch my nation slip into oblivion.
We had elections monitors who declared the elections free and fair. Really? Were they mere loafers, drunks, junkies or just a handpicked bunch of mercenaries who earned their pay by turning the blind eye? The election petition will hopefully unravel all the hidden mysteries and grant us the opportunity to make a fresh start in our political journey to a prosperous nation.

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mensah abrampa
05-27 07:28