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The Likely Contemptible Ways of Votes Stealing

Comment: good but wrong

oh kiddo
2013-05-27 03:43:06
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The Likely Contemptible Ways of Votes Stealing

In the early days, I'm sure you would read the early comments so I'll post.

Reconcile events/reports

I'm sure the above is alien to you. Say, the officer records on the pink sheets that he issued 100 ballot papers, and the sum of votes, valid and invalid, is 107, as in your example, you would have to RECONCILE with the ballot paper booklet.

So say, you checked and indeed he issued 107, would you still hand him.

I've seen some of the pink sheets in question and my brother, there's no case

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05-27 00:37
good but wrong
oh kiddo
05-27 03:43