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Re: President Mahama has filed his taxes

Comment: Re: S.K. Amankwah

Gallow Jello Mellow Akoto
2013-04-04 03:22:54
Comment to:

The Ghanian constitution is totally flawed, defective, antiquated, and so pre-colonial times oriented. In fact, the constitution is not good as ass wipe.

"Former MPs to receive GHC 200,000 as ex-gratia" -

Source: Evans Effah/

This so called constitutional review committee spent millions on global gallivanting and what's the end product? Tweaaa, better must come. The constitution is the genesis of all that ails the country, period!

The thieves in coats will exploit the loopholes in this antiquated constitution and take the lion share of the meat, whilst flinging the dry bones to you know who.

Some are more equal than others before the constitution. If we give these so called honourable politicians such conditions: ( Article 68 (5) The salary, allowances, facilities, pensions and gratuity referred to in clauses (3) and (4) of the President shall be exempt from tax.) how do we expect them to know, feel understand what the masses are going through?

But then...

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