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Petroleum subsidy claim is fraud


mensah abrampa
2013-02-19 15:47:26
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Petroleum subsidy claim is fraud

Thanks Kwasi for the free enlightenment. It's true that they are perpetrating a fraud on the blind side of the people.For God's sake they'll have to answer the many questions you have raised.They have grossly mismanaged the resources we entrusted into their care.
First of all we have refused to make adequate to maximum use of the Tema Oil Refinery, left it to rot and only waiting to announce its obituary. What a waste ! Nkrumah built silos for storage purposes but the politicians who were opposed to him allowed them to rot in Tema. What another waste ! We keep shooting ourselves in the foot and turn round still clutching the smoking gun in our hands only to blame an innocent passerby. When are we going to learn to put our fiscal house in order?
When the fat cats in Accra were arbitrarily increasing their salaries and jaw dropping benefits they did not think about us, we the people. It was just for them but not for us. Now that it's time for sacrifice in the national interest they are calling on us, the poor and needy living several miles below the poverty line and making less than $75 to maximum $500 a month to sacrifice. They won't share the mouth watering juices with us but neither will they share the sacrifice with us too. They give us the sacrifice and they take the better part. It has always been them and us. We demand a shared sacrifice during this difficult time. Does anybody think we are making an unfair demand? I don't think so.
There are a few solutions .1. Take away the subsidy and pay us a living wage and salary that can support our nuclear families.We cannot lose the safety net and chop stone. Man must eat. 2. Beginning from the President they must slash considerably their fat salaries and benefits and if there is any more need for sacrifice then we the people will help.They must also take immediate steps to reduce the huge waste in the system. There are far too many people doing too little to nothing who take big paychecks end of every month. What about the unbelievably large number of ghost names on the government's payroll which need to be expunged? If we manage our resources wisely there will be enough for everybody and for the first time we'll begin to see economic growth year after year.
The subsidy really was a wrong economic path to follow after independence. Subsidies become necessary because the meagre salaries and wages paid cannot support one person let alone his nuclear family. Salaries and wages have stagnated over the years and the gap between the haves and have nots has widened and deepened into a gulf. Any new economic policy must take cognizance of the needs of the teeming masses not the rich who became rich at our expense and have since developed an unsatiable appetite for wealth acquisition.

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mensah abrampa
02-19 15:47