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Petroleum subsidy claim is fraud

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Kofi Asaase Asa--- Mantukwa
2013-02-18 21:39:55
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need more understanding

What about this question.

At the time that Ghana was not a producer of oil, Governments were able to absorb this subsidy. Why is that at this time that Ghana is producing oil we are now reducing the subsidy?

Is the subsidy being reduced because Ghana has reached a level that supply is exceeding demand or cost of production as at its lowest levels?

These are questions that need to be answered and not any transportation costs, because these costs are fixed in terms of prices of fuel in Ghana.

Do you know something?

The issue with Ghana is an issue of the 'Scale of preference'. Putting our priorities right!

Why should the government cheaply sucuumb to hiikng tne rent allowances of parliamentarians, for example, and not seeing the wisdom of at least, spreading the increase in the price of fuel over a reasonable period of time?

The issue is that if you get the government at 'one touch', you take economic decisions at 'one touch' because as the saying goes:

'Necessity is the Mother of invention.'

If things are given to you on a 'silver platter' you spend it on a 'silver platter'.

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02-18 20:29
Re: need more understanding
Kofi Asaase Asa--- Mantukwa
02-18 21:39