Feature Article of Sunday, 13 January 2013

Columnist: Okofo-Dartey, Samuel

Poem: Who Are They?

Sometimes I wonder,
I wonder where they
Sprouted from. I wonder
Whether they were moulded or
Fabricated to add up to the
Created. I mean no mischief here.
But I need answers to my dilemma.
In marvel I marry their complex
Being with their careful but senseless actions.

Sometimes I wonder
If their actions stem from
Immaturity or something unnamed.
They appear to be babies
With grown teeth
Demanding pampering and
Worship. Anything short of
These is a mark of insensitivity.
Their nature exemplifies thorns and roses delicately intertwined.

Whoever created them,
You did well. Just a manual would
Have placated our endless predicaments.
You left a puzzle to push us
To our wits’ end, blanks to
Fill in the gaps. But you see,
I still hear your gentle breath whispering,
‘In wisdom, abide with them.’ And for this I’m grateful.
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