Feature Article of Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Columnist: Pele, Abuga

I Salute NYEP Staff And Beneficiaries

After 3 years of dedicated Service to the Nation as the National Coordinator of Youth Employment, your commitment to the cause of working towards making Ghana a better place has never gone unnoticed.
As unemployment remains the headache of even the most industrialized nations, the NYEP has defied the odds and presented the people of Ghana with overwhelming number of jobs and positioned countless for permanent jobs.
The results are as it is because I had the luxury of working with special and dedicated people like you.
Starting from my direct deputies, Regional and District Coordinators colleagues staff in our National, Regional and District offices, we did it.
Together, we increased enrollment from 108,000 to 420,000
Together we trained and resourced over 300,000 young men and women into viable self employment ventures like hair dressing, Dress making and agriculture.
Together we exited over 5000 able bodied youth in the Internship and Security Modules into the mainstream security services and other jobs..
Together, we convinced The World Bank to commit about 60 Million Dollars towards the economic empowerment of the youth of this country.
Together, we added ten new modules to the existing ones.
Together, we have moved the program from a transitory Youth Employment formerly known as National Youth Employment Program (NYEP) to a permanent employment Agency now called, Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Development Agency (GYEDA)
Our partners cannot also be left out. A large part of our successes is also owed to our various Ministers and the staff of the Ministry of Youth and Sport.
Without their expertise and financial contribution, we would not have chalked the successes we pride ourselves with.
AS with every human centered organization, we had our Achilles-Heel too.
We had issues with prompt payment of beneficiaries allowance which for so long a time shifted focus from the good work we were doing.
We have however come far from the trend we inherited and introduced systems that would in the long term eradicate these anomalies.
As I go back to Parliament to represent my people in Chiana/Paga, I pray that the visions to get Ghanaians out of unemployment lives on in you and translate into results in the coming years.
I know that the successes chalked would drive you on to achieve far better results than what we are currently celebrating.
I am optimistic that with your dedication and commitment, anyone appointed to take my place would be successful.
Since the NDC took over power in 2009, the NYEP has been at forefront in the deliverance of the Better Agenda to the people through job creation.
For the good work done, you deserve a melodious season.
Cheers for the good work done!!!
Happy New Year.

Hon. Abuga Pele
Outgoing Coordinator