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As Akufo-Addo Goes Down

Comment: Partisan Article.

Fiifi Amakye
2012-12-13 19:28:14
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As Akufo-Addo Goes Down

The writer`s piece is steep in partisan politics.It is a matter of regret that,the author herself does not understand the nuances and the tenents of democracy.It is not all about Akuffo Addo.If Akua cares to know,the process is about the sanctity and the structural integrity of the electoral system.
When Akuffo and his aides were at the fore-front of the Kume Prekuo demonstrations,that ultimately thaw the dictatorial political glacier in the early 90`s in Ghana,Nana was commended and credited for his bravery,and his democractic impulses.Human memory is always short.

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12-13 03:10
Partisan Article.
Fiifi Amakye
12-13 19:28