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As Akufo-Addo Goes Down

Comment: Kum Apem, Apem be ba

Hollywood, Florida.
2012-12-13 13:19:12
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Nana Addo blood sucking vampire

The slogan of Kum Apem Apem be ba no longer holds in this modern world. Ashantis should better think of ways to catch up with the rest of the Ghananain community. Akufu and his hench men better understand that even the great America is beginin to respect the rest of the world. The America of the 60's when I came here is now different. Rural America , the gun poking folk, the red necks, those who owned slaves, have suddenly woken up to a rude shock: the black skinned man is giving them instructions. Red neck or is it blacknecked Akuffu and his hench men better wake up because Ghanaians of today hate empty air,and heliun filled balloon pompousity and will never stand behind any pompous tribe that is fond of spewing out foul words to their neighbors. Enough is enough.

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12-13 03:10
Kum Apem, Apem be ba
Hollywood, Florida.
12-13 13:19