Feature Article of Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Columnist: Boateng, Emmanuel Agyenfra

What Was The Essence Of The Kumasi Peace Pact?

BY:Emmanuel Agyenfra Boateng.

The whole nation was brought into unison when His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu in collaboration with the national peace council,ex Presidents’ Rawllings and Kuffuor and other crème of the nation led the eight Presidential Aspirants to sign and promise to keep and promote peace before,during and after the general elections.

All the eight aspirants took turns to promise the King and the former head of states to keep peace.I particularly was very happy to see President Mahama and Nana Akuffo Addo chatting heartily among themselves with other candidates. My foreign friends in other African countries called to congratulate Ghana for such a matured democratic prowess. We all thought after this programme,the Ghana Police Seervice wouldn’t get a job doing in connection with crime and irresponsibility of some party supporters but as the old Akan proverb saysefie biara de3 ns3 wom”literally means,there’s a bad nut in every home. The peace pact or the Kumasi peace treaty initiated by Otumfour Osei Tutu II,has been destroyed by the supporters of the two gargantuan political parties,National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party respectively! The peace songs,peace messages,peace bill boards,peace workshops and all the peace prayers are not yielding results to me or it seems the messages are not being channelled to the right people.

What happened in the Manhyia Constituency in Kumasi last week was a direct slap in the face of the King and two former Presidents! It is my prayer the law takes it’s right cause and bring the perpertrators to book.

Party supporters should be called to order by their leaders to save our dear nation from mayhem.Movies like CRY FREETOWN,HOTEL RWANDA and WAR IN BURMA should be aired on our Televisions for people to see what political instability and political intolerance is all about.

The Kumasi peace treaty should have an impact on us all.