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Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan Corruption

Comment: You seem to have so much hope in NPP

Sam Mangwana
2012-12-03 10:26:00
Comment to:
Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan

It is true that NDC under Mills/Mahama have not done well at all. But you seem to have some naive infantile belief in NPP and, especially, Akufo-Addo. That's where you seem to lose it completely, OYOKOBA!

Tell us what differentiates your present article as a propaganda piece from those others spewed out by the other side? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Instead, you missed one stark fact: many people who will, otherwise, vote for NPP don't really like Akufo-Addo the man despite all the encomiums you are heaping on him here!

And one other fact: most ordinary Ghanaians are not going to see any drastic changes in their lives no matter who wins on Friday.

Pray rather that Friday's elections pass off peacefully and whoever wins does so cleanly and fairly. Nobody can tell for now whether Akufo-Addo or Mahama will be a better president. Only the future will tell.

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12-02 20:44
You seem to have so much hope in NPP
Sam Mangwana
12-03 10:26