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Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan Corruption

Comment: Be wise and not to be deceived

2012-12-03 02:07:46
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Vote out Propaganda, Incompetence, and Gargantuan

You are indeed sensible,visionary and brillant. If ghanaians will just knock out this government of no hope,jobs for the people,basic education,and health care. Yet they claim they are building a better Ghana agenda which is know where to be found. My question is, how are ghanians evaluated this NDC Four year term, and i hope that each and everyone will have his or her point of view. Ghanians should be wise because another term for this useless and cynical government will make ghana become like Somalia, and those of the poorest countries. We have a God Chosen one to lead us in a time where it is necessary for every ghanian child, not ministers or presidents child, i mean every one that is possible to have a decent education.Akuffo addo has speak enough, and it up to the people of Ghana to justify on their behalf on the basis of FREE EDUCATION,HEALTH CARE,JOBS,SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,HOUSING,AGRICULTURAL AND MANY OF THOSE HE HAS TO DELIVER THE PEOLE OF GHANA FROM THIS TIRELESS,CORRUPT,USELESS,AND SELFISH OF THEIR OWN. For me I can eventually say that Mahama doesn't qualify even to go against a prominent and gentle Nana Addo, he doesn't know anything and that's he doesn't have any idea about Akuffo Addo's Free education policy. Througout of the various campaign this NDC have nothing for the people of Ghana because they have not satisfied their promises which led of the late President Atta Mills. The reduction of petrol even worse, the rising cost of the economy, jobs and all what they stand to win the election in 08, so Ghanians be sensible,wise,and don't be blinded. The Ndc are dashing out motors,cars and laptops, and ask your self, are these things going to satify your problem, they are just wasting Ghana's money instead of using the money to do useful and beneficiary projects for the people of Ghana. December 7th I see is like a happy day for the people of Ghana because to be honest, Ghanians have really sufferd,struggle,and all that they can to just to live a decent and harmonious life. God willing,with all the prayers,support and one Ghana together to go on friday and claim AkuffO Addo as their next president to save and deliver them from this illiterate, lies,selfish and corrupt government.

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12-02 20:44
Be wise and not to be deceived
12-03 02:07