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Vigilance Is The Motto For December 7

Comment: NPP Must Hold Press Conference

2012-12-01 02:15:55
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Vigilance Is The Motto For December 7

NPP Must Hold Press Conference. The NPP Communications Team (Nana Akomea, Yaw Buabeng Asamoah, Sammy Awuku , John Kumah and others) MUST quickly organize a press conference. They should seek as much media attention and publicity as possible for this.
Topic: The recent revelation by Martin Amidu that the late President Mills, shortly before his death (murder?) set up an investigative committee to probe his own vice, now-President John Mahama, on corruption charges. Reportedly, Mills was very unhappy with Mahama’s apparent corrupt deals regarding Ghana’s purchase of a number of airplanes from Brazil. The suspicion was that Mahama had cheated Mama Ghana out of , and pocketed, MILLIONS of US dollars on the transaction . According to Martin Amidu, the Investigative Committee Members were Hon William Aboah, Mr George Amoah and Brig. Gen. Allotey (Rtd.). Thankfully, these gentlemen are still alive and kicking.
John Mahama must be publicly asked to confirm or deny Martin Amidu’s allegation. The three alleged investigative committee members (Hon William Aboah, Mr. George Amoah and Brig. Gen. Allotey (Rtd.) should be asked to come out to deny the allegation if they say it is untrue.
John Mahama is a dodgy character, and the NPP Communications Team must ruthlessly expose him to the wider Ghanaian populace. They would be FAILING in their duties if they do not take this opportunity to let Ghanaians know that even the late President Mills did NOT trust Mahama.
NOTICE: If you, the reader, are a supporter of the NPP and have access to any one or more of the members of the NPP Communications Team, please bring this to their attention. They MUST act FAST on this issue!

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