Feature Article of Sunday, 18 November 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

There Was No 1,700 Schools Under Trees Eliminated - Okudzeto Ablakwah

The Deputy Minister of Information, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the NDC liar in Residence at the Castle on Friday November 9th, disbosomed that the National Democratic Congress administration, of which he is an integral part, has not truly eliminated 1,700 schools under trees as it claims to have done. This should not come as a surprise to many Ghanaians who know this baby with caterpillar teeth, courtesy of Rawlings as a person who passed TRUTH on the road and failed to greet him because it would have diminished his repuataion as champion of lies. The same Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwah who told Ghanaians that Mills administration created 1.6 million jobs in Ghana in ten(10) months. There is no lie in this world that is ridiculous enough that this Ndc scribe would not tell.

NDC, for almost a year has been telling Ghanaians that they have eliminated 1,700 schools under trees and its members have been using this lie to counter the free secondary school education policy proposed by Nana Akuffo Addo of NPP . Just a week ago, the NDC told Ghanaians that they will start releasing the names of schools under trees that they have eliminated in batches of 600 at a time. The first 600 schools supposedly eliminated under trees was released about five days ago and guess what, some of these schools were not under trees but in NDC paradigm of schemes, even a school that just received padlocks were classified as schools under trees that have been eliminated. If this was not criminal in nature, it would have been hilarious, but some freshly minted fool soldiers turned contractors were billing Ghanaian Taxpayers between Ghc200,000 - Ghc300,000 for providing padlocks and building fences. How did we end up with these bunch of criminals called NDC Politicians? These are the same people asking Ghanaians to give them another four years to continue their pillaging of our national coffers.

Now Ablakwa has admitted that Ndc did not eliminate 1700 schools under trees. Just like the 1.6 million jobs created, the lies about the 1700 schools under trees eliminated will bite MAHAMA and Ndc where it hurts most, at the voting booth. Ghanaian voters should punish NDC for their lies used to steal the money they pay as taxes.

The NDC lies started unraveling when they released the first 600 schools supposedly eliminated under trees and after careful examination, some Presbyterian schools that have been in existance for about fifty years and never have been under trees were on the list. The Presbyterian Church issued a press release denying these schools have never been under trees and the NDC lies started crumbling down. On Metro's TV's made this admission on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana programme, Mr Ablakwa in reaction to the statements made by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, challenging the authenticity of the list of schools published by government as schools it had eliminated under trees admitted that the elimination of “schools under trees” project under the NDC was just a mere nomenclature and does not necessarily mean government had indeed eliminated 1,700 schools which were previously situated under trees."OYIWA, ASEM BA NA EYO" Now as usual, NDC is hiding under lexicons to defend themselves for their lies.

"According to Mr Ablakwa,NDC government’s definition of eliminating schools under trees meant that any school in the country that had received some form of rehabilitation, including plastering or painting, or the construction of a new classroom block anywhere in the country, is classified as a school eliminated under tree."

REALLY? Mr Ablakwah, so how much have your government Contractors who are NDC members who cannot tell a shovel from spoon been charging government for these paintings, padlocks and building of fences been charging the poor Taxpayers since you have drummed into the heads of Ghanaians that these are six classroom blocks that costs between Ghc200,000 to Ghc350,000.

Since Ghanaian can't trust you liars again, now we are going to ante up the demands. Not only are we demanding the publishing of these schools but you also have to provide how much you spent on these 1700 schools. I suspect somebody might have charged for a six classroom block when all what these newly minted Contractor did was to paint a classroom.

This has confirmed what the NPP has been saying for long that,not more than 480 schools under trees had been eliminated by the NDC government.Eight structures listed by the NDC as schools under trees it had eliminated in Sunyani was never under trees.In some cases, the renovation or reconstruction work even started under the previous Kufuor-led New Patriotic Party government.Among the schools on the list which were not under trees, and which had been listed as schools under trees that have been eliminated are,

"Kwahu Jejeti Presby Primary, Asuboni Railways [Presby Primary], both in the Kwahu West District; Asakraka Presby Primary and Bepong Presby Primary, both in the Kwahu South District; and Rev Fr Lamaire Primary and St Anne’s Primary in the New Juaben Municipality. The rest are Sunyani Baohenkorkor School, Abesim Methodist Primary both in the Sunyani Municipality; and Chiraa Islamic Primary and Chiraa Methodist Primary in the Sunyani West District."

Government has supposedly spent more than 300,000,000 Ghana cedis or close to $150, million and if some of these schools did not get six classroom blocks or a fully new built block but painting and padlocks, then some people have been using this program to enrich themselves and the next government whether formed by NDC or NPP should investigate this NDC PONZI SCHEME.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas