Feature Article of Saturday, 17 November 2012

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

Okudzeto Ablakwa, Professor of lies has done it again

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Professor of lies has done it again. (B)

Preamble: The Nefarious Destructive Cancer has, right from its inception been consistently inconsistent and illogical. For example, when ex President Kufuor gave Dan Abodakpi and Tsatsu Tsikata unconditional pardon, the duo rejected the pardon but did not stay in prison to fight for their cases in the Law Courts. The two members of the NDC had either by connivance or omission acted in a manner contrary to the laws of the country. Their action led to the State losing a lot of money. Both were tried and jailed by courts of competent jurisdiction. They deserved the punishment meted out to them. But Kufuor was magnanimous enough to grant them a presidential pardon. Instead of showing appreciation for such a kind gesture, they resorted to insults and vilification of the then President and members of his government.

E.T.Mensah’s tirade against the NPP: “About 10% of the houses were allocated free of charge to persons close to the NPP administration while huge sums were paid to contractors with very little or no work done”. That was E.T.Mensah’s verdict. But if he would be honest to himself, he would be the first to admit that indeed, the NPP played a pivotal role in bringing affordable houses to the suffering masses and that it was people like him and our Judgment Debt Monster of a President who must be held responsible for lack of transparency on housing issues in Ghana.

Will he in all sincerity look Ghanaians in the eye and tell them where he got money to put up his imperial mansion, a development which I learn’t disgusted ex-President Rawlings so much that he left the venue of the opening ceremony unceremoniously. E.T.Mensah, I was told had invited the then President Rawlings to the Opening Ceremony of his palatial palace. Rawlings was shocked at the extravaganza and grandeur of the house. He could not understand how such a development could have taken place at the blind side of him. He left the place in anger. He felt a sense of betrayal by his one time loyal ally. Doesn’t it intrigue you to know that E.T. Mensah has used his position and connection as a Minister to form an unholy alliance with Mrs. Naadu Mills, wife of late President Mills to “appropriate” most of the lands at Prampram for their own use. It is true the lands do not belong to the State, but the action of the MP for Ningo/Prampram Constituency in interfering in the legal process to free Martin Dorpoh, son of Dahwenya Chief who was accused of stabbing to death one Kwesi Charles, aka Yemo does not reveal any democratic credential in this top member of the nefarious contraption. Today, Martin Dorpoh still goes about with AK47 and threatens to shoot people with it – all thanks to E.T.Mensah NDC sold most of Ghana’s Strategic assets in the country: Of the 367 State Enterprises identified at the advent of the PNDC administration the P/NDC sold 304 to themselves and their cronies. The NPP sold the remaining 63.Why did the NDC party start the sale of those enterprises in the first place? Were they buoyed by patriotism to have done so? We had Catering Houses scattered all over the country, especially in Regional Capitals and other big towns. Where are they? They’ve been auctioned amongst themselves with Alhaji Huudu Yahaya, Deputy National Chairman of the NDC as the major beneficiary.

The House Jake Obetsebi Lamptey bought: The NDC is alleging that Jake Obetsebi Lamptey has bought a State land with a bungalow on it. Big deal, they say. But we must also not overlook the fact that President Judgment Debt Monster has also bought a state land with a building on it. He transacted the deal in his brother’s name. If it is illegal for Jake Obetsebi Lamptey to buy a State land with a building on it, then it is equally bad for the President to also buy a state land with a building on it.

The hypocrisy in NDC’S attempt to criminalize Jake: The theatre of the absurd is enacted here for your laughter. For the sake of argument, let us all agree that Jake Obetsebi Lamptey is a member of the elite class. The building I learnt is at present being occupied by Nii Lante Vanderpuye. But the state spent C1.2 Billion Cedis on its renovation. Again is it not intriguing enough to learn that such a gargantuan amount of our money was used to renovate a house which was occupied by a rich man to enable a supposedly poor man to occupy it?

You see how wicked, dangerous, devilish, mischievous and unpatriotic members of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer could be when it suits them!

Tony Aidoo has done the unthinkable: The Director in charge of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency, Dr Tony Aidoo has done the very thing the NDC is accusing Jake Obetsebi Lamptey of doing. He has bought a Ford Expedition 2005 model. But his case is unforgivable. Why am I saying that? It is because the factory price of the vehicle is not less than $60,000 or Ghc80, 000.000 but Tony bought it at a ridiculously paltry sum of Gh6, 200. And to add insults to injury the vehicle was used to be part of the Presidential Convoy during Kufuor’s time. President Judgment Debt Monster, Chemical Ali, Okudzeto Ablakwa, Kwesi Pratt and the members of the nefarious contraction conspired amongst themselves to give an important strategic State asset to one of their members. This action of the President and their futile attempt to defend the indefensible is bizarre, quixotic, and down right unpatriotic.

Destruction of National Assets: Since the inception of the NDC administration, many state buildings have gone up in flames. First to be gutted by fire was the Office of the Deputy Minister of Information. It was followed by that of the Energy Commission. Next to go up in flames was the Foreign Affairs Ministry and then Tema Oil Refinery (TOR)

In all these fire outbreaks, the then Mills- Mahama led administration assured us of speedy and conclusive investigations into the fire outbreaks. But now, nearly two to three years after the incidents, we are yet to hear the reports of various Investigative Committees.

The way Government is thumping its chest for having resourced the Ghana Fire Service, one would have expected the outfit to have risen to the occasion when situation warranted it. Sadly enough, there have been catalogues of complaints and woes anytime the efficiency of the Service is called to question. So where is the equipment Okudzeto and the rest are are talking about?

Sale/Auctioning of Strategic National Assets: This write up will be incomplete if I fail to mention the rate at which the NDC is disposing of our national assets in droves. One would have thought that because of the manner the NDC as a party made a lot of cacophonous noise on the sale of state lands to a few people during the NPP’s period, common sense will prevail when it comes to the sale of such properties. But no, not the NDC!

Sale of Strategic National Assets by proxy: How do Chemical Ali and the Judgment Debt Monster explain the auctioning of NIB properties by its Board members? Does the law allow such sales?

(A) The NIB had 3 plots of land with a building on it at Tesano which catered for their Artisans (General services). These were auctioned by the Board. What is the difference between what the NIB Board did and what Jake did? Who bought those plots of land?

(B) Another building which served as residential accommodation for staff of the Bank was at North Kaneshie, near Dans Bar. This was also auctioned to the lowest bidder.

(C) The Training School at East Legon, opposite Erata Hotel was auctioned under strange circumstances. I am reliably informed that the facilities originally belonged to Ato Ahwoi which he used as collateral to secure a loan from the bank. When he defaulted in its repayment, NIB took possession of the facilities and converted them into a Training School. What reason does the Bank have for auctioning such facilities? Was it an indirect way of handing back the property to its original owner who in this case happens to be a powerful power broker at the Castle? Where does the Bank now train its staff? Again, I ask: Who bought the facility

Kempes Ofosu Ware (MCE – TMA): This man is a symbol of corruption in the NDC and is acting the script cleverly carved for him by the party. He has put up an Nkrumah’s Park at Tema costing nearly GhC400, 000.OO. He says the first phase which consists of Nkrumah’s statue and some dancers will cost GHC200, 000.00, whiles the second phase which has to do with fencing will cost GHC190,000.00 or thereabout. When asked how much the Nkrumah’s statue would cost, he was not forthcoming but insisted that he had done nothing wrong since the project had received the endorsement of the TMA.

Kempes unwise decision to spend Ghc200, 000.00 of the people’s money to erect a statue of our First Leader has given credence to the fact that “blacks, especially Ghanaians indulge in luxury but beg for necessities” What will a mere statue do to the psyche of the Ghanaian? Will it put food on the table? Do they truly believe in the tenets of Nkrumah’s ideology?: But the most painful aspect of the whole thing is that the Okudzeto Ablakwas, the Kempes Ofosu Wares and the Judgment Debt Monsters do not adhere to the principles of Dr Kwame Nkrumah, our First President. Hiding under the argument that the project has received approval of the Assembly and so he could go ahead to spend such a gargantuan amount of money on a mere statue is neither here nor there. Why was he appointed MCE? Is he not there to ensure that state money is used judiciously? We are not suggesting that Nkrumah should not be honoured No, far from that! But it would be stupidity for anyone to sanction such amount for a mere statue. Is that the way to honour our late President? Wouldn’t it have been better if the Assembly had adopted one of the schools in the Metropolis by naming it after the First President and then channel some resources to uplift the status of the school? I wonder how Nkrumah would be turning in his grave over this betrayal by those who pretend to be his followers Five Billion Cedis to construct a dwarf wall is open thievery: Kempes again authorized the construction of a dwarf wall around a cemetery at the cost of Five Billion Cedis. Ei Kempes, mobedii keke ampa. You dey chop Ghana money nyafu nyafu. Very soon you will vomit all the things you have illegally put in your stomach, because ‘you be guilty for another man im

Those with unkempt appearance now wear designer dresses: Couldn’t the money have been used judiciously to provide affordable housing for the teeming number of homeless Ghanaians? What do you regard this action at a time when the Government has been unable to pay capitation grants to both Basic and High schools? If our Judgment Debt Monster and our Chemical Ali do not know, I am telling them that only few people can afford one decent meal a day. Some Ghanaians are feeding from the dust bins and refuse dumps. This is the simple truth. This is open thievery of our Collective Till by a group of people who a few years ago, were wearing “challie wate” but now in Government, they are wearing designer suits and shoes from Italy. They have inflicted an incurable damage on our psyche and must be shown the way out.

Chemical Ali, Okudzeto Ablakwa again: The chemical in Okudzeto’s system is at work. He has taken an overdose which has gingered him to concoct and spin more lies and stories about the NPP. In such a period of frenzy, all he needs to is to unleash his fangs at the flesh of NPP apparatchiki’s and the deed would have been done. Do you know the reason why his mouth is always open? If you have not noticed, begin to watch him from today.

It is his inability to do what other Ghanaians are able to do that has given him such a nasty dental formulae and a wicked and distorted facial expression anytime he opens his mouth to speak. I do not envy him one bit.

Another Gargantuan Lie in the offing? When will this apprentice of a Deputy Minister learn to speak the truth? He now tells us Government has embarked on the construction of 20,368 housing units throughout the country. He gives some of the sites of the projects as Amassaman, Kpone and Tema. Will Okudzeto Ablakwa tell us the source of funding? And if such a project will take off, can it be done at the blind side of Parliament? He says 10,000 of such houses will be constructed at Amassaman. Oh Okudzeto, this is too much. You be something paa. The STX Saga: Our Judgment Debt Monster, true to type is the epitome of fraud, deceit, selfishness and blatant corruption. He was Chief negotiator in the botch STX Saga. When GREDA said it could construct those houses at half the cost of what STX was offering, the President insisted it was STX or no deal. Why Mr President? Because a percentage of the contract sum would accrue to your person? But when the project failed to take off, what do we expect Government to do? Sue the company for damages! But judgment debt monster would do no such thing. Why? Because his hands are tainted with corruption! And so, there goes our money into the drain, just like that – all thanks to President Judgment Debt Monster. NDC has the worst record in Housing: Yes, the NDC came like a thief in the night by using sugar coated words to warm itself into the hearts of Ghanaians, after which the party revealed its ugly sides. They pretend to be friends of the friendless and but they are worst than bed bugs. Yes, these people are looting state property with their hands, legs and mouths and then using their “connections” to legitimize their illegal acts. Did Koku Anyidoho not reveal on Thursday August 16, 2011 that the beautiful new “mansion sited at Asanfra Street on the Platinum section of the Regimanuel Gray Estates on the Spintex Road was a gift from the Regimanuel Gray Estate Limited as a token of appreciation to the late President?

Again when and how did President John Mahama acquire his lands at Cantonments? Who gave out the land to him and how much was paid for it?

Removal of schools under trees: Okudzeto Ablakwa has lied through his teeth so much so that anyone who sees his dental formulae will conclude that indeed, this Chemical Ali has been a liar right from birth. He published a list purported to be schools which his nefarious Government has removed from under trees. Unfortunately, some on the so-called beneficiaries have come out publicly to debunk the insinuation that their schools had been under trees. In his confused state of mind, he thought Ghanaians are rather confused, so everything that emanates from his office would be swallowed line, hook and sinker. But on this particular occasion the chemical he normally sprinkles on his audience simply refused to enter the blood stream of his victims. The Presbyterian Church at Osu has come out to debunk the gargantuan lies that its schools have been under trees, and the churchis right.

Does Okudzeto Ablakwa understand what Schools Under Trees mean?: Have the trappings of power affected the brain of my dear Okudzeto Ablakwa so much so that he has forgotten what is meant by schools under trees? Or is it that in his zeal to dip his fangs deep into the flesh of the emaciated Ghanaian, his body system produces so many toxins to dull his brains, thus making it impossible for him to think and reflect like a normal human being?

So, today, Okudzeto Ablakwa wants to tell Ghanaians that fixing new locks onto doors of classrooms means they have removed the school from under trees which must be a gargantuan achievement which an entire government machinery will thump its chest as having done what Napoleon could not do.

Governance is a continuous Process: Renovation of classrooms has been done by various governments throughout the years. The Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Zion Schools in my Holy Village at Abomoso have seen various forms of rehabilitation, but previous governments which made those renovations never made noise on them. I therefore do not see what the Nefarious Destructive Cancer hopes to gain by this unwarranted attention to itself.

Conclusion: I understand the dilemma of Chemical Ali, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwas and I pity him. He has seen the hand-writing on the wall - Power is slipping off their hands. They are going, lai lai, for no Jupiter will be able to prevent the crossing of the Rubicon, now that the die is cast. Okudzeto Ablakwa and his likes will then slip down from the top of Mount Olympus to meet the down-trodden masses at the lower rungs of the ladder. We the plebeians will deal with him and the hitherto untouchables the way First year Secondary students (Homos and Homowas or fags) were treated in the years gone by. We will march them to the public toilets to see how we the people at the other side live. We shall make them board trotro so that they can have a feel of the hassle we go through everyday just to eke a living for ourselves.

Above all, we shall give them a second chance to attend Senior High School free of Charge. It is there we shall teach them the rudiments of good neighborliness and Governance. Okudzeto Ablakwa and the likes of Fiifi Kwetey, Ama Benyiwa Doe, Allotey Jacobs, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, John Abu Jinapor, Stan Dogbey, Hanna Bissiw, Omane Boamah, Kobby Acheampong, Baba Jamal, Agyenim Boateng, Alhaji Bature, Kwesi Pratt and many others have indeed done incurable damage to the Ghanaian psyche and it is our belief that their arrogance can only be cured through a system of education which we are ready to offer them free of charge. It is only after they have gone trough that phase that we will integrate them into the society.

Daniel Danquah Damptey (Damptey_daniel@yahoo.com) 0243715297.