Feature Article of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Columnist: Tengzu, Philip

Breaking Youth Unemployment To Ground Zero

(PART 1)
Over years, technical education has not been given fair treatment by the youth as compared with the other field of work .The youths for some time now have given much preference to white color job at the expense of technical education.
Technical work is considered dirty and therefore meant for those who have not had the opportunity of formal education. The neglect of this field has led to the massive increase in unemployment in the country. Most students after graduation depend solely on the government for employment. The inability of the government to employ all the graduates has resulted in the increase in social vices in the country. This is because these unemployed graduates will have to fend for themselves. Internet fraud popularly known as sakawa is as a result of employment.
Technical education if considered will provide self-employment and in turn employ other people thereby dealing with the issue of unemployment in the country. It does not only help us employ ourselves but also serve as a source of keep-fit exercise. Finally, the government should improve upon technical education in our various technical institution and polytechnics by providing adequate equipment and personnel to train the few who are into the training.
By Philip Tengzu
Ghana Institute of Journalism (Level 100)