Feature Article of Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Columnist: Cudjoe, Franklin

Political Branding on my mind: The Ruling NDC:

See, folks, like it or not, IMANI has built a brand with relatively few
resources and you know that since the Kufour days we still hold on to
IMANI’s mission of 'subjecting any government public policy that is likely
to have 'systematic implications for development' to basic 'value for
money', 'due diligence' and 'rational choice', 'public choice' and 'vested
interests' analysis and then actively engage in public advocacy to
publicise the results, with a view to promoting peace and prosperity
through human flourishing'...Dynamic consistency is the name of the game. I
am only telling the ruling NDC that with all the inner battles within the
party and outright despicable behaviour of some their followers, the NDC
brand is still at the level it was before Chairman Rawlings took it to
greater heights with NDC 1 and 2. This NDC 3, has been the most depressing
to their own values and it is a shame. Whatever happens on December 8,
especially if the NDC wins, will only confirm that there are many many
converts who do not care about growing a brand to have a 21st century
outlook, but then that in itself may not be wrong. It only shows people's
preference in a democracy and we will still continue to work at it. It was
amazing that the NDC could not have used IMANI's detailed 6-part commentary
against major aspects of the FREE SHS by their political opponents simply
because the current NDC BRAND simply does not lend itself to critical
enquiry but rather rely on their heart and mind wrenching media outlets to
be fed lies and propaganda. Sadly the President participates in a lot of
this too, accentuating it with ethnic-laden commetry lately. I hope the
party changes.

Respectfully yours,

Franklin Cudjoe

*Cudjoe is Founding President of IMANI Center for Policy & Education.
IMANI is a Think Tank of considerable local and international repute and
significance. We have carved a niche in Ghana’s policy environment for
putting out objective, independent analysis and critique on many issues,
using tried and tested techniques that apply across different disciplines.
In 2009, The Foreign Policy Magazine named IMANI, the fifth most
influential think tank in Africa. In 2010, IMANI was the only named African
think tank ranked in the top 25 most innovative think tanks in the world by
the joint United Nations University and Pennsylvania University Global
Think tanks Programme. In 2011 IMANI was voted the 6th most effective Think
Tank in Africa and among Top 20 most innovative think tanks globally by the
University of Pennsylvania, the UN University and Foreign Policy Magazine.
IMANI has won two John Templeton Foundation awards, the first Antony &
Dorian Fisher Award and cited in the United Kingdom's House of Commons'
debate on aid and development in Africa as well as by South Africa's
Supreme Court Judge on patents and intellectual property. In 2010 IMANI led
the World Bank's Africa region's taskforce within to investigate what
Africans needed from the World Bank. Email : info@imanighana.com Web :