Feature Article of Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Columnist: Mansa, Akua

Mahama has no moral right to want to be President

We can accept the fact that Mahama has become President of Ghana by accident but he has NO moral right to want to be President. Ghana deserves better.
Mahama carries a lot of baggage and we should not accept this mediocrity and wanton greed to be the qualities of our next President. Even as Vice President we had reason to believe that he did not understand his role in nation building. He gave the perception that he was there for his own aggrandizement as opposed a national agenda. Everything he transacted on behalf of the nation smacked of corruption. Ghana indeed deserves better and we cannot afford leave Ghana in the hands of this man
Other writers on occasion have alluded to his acts underserving of a Leader. The STX deal, The Air force plane deal, the Chinese Loan deal, the Cuban Doctors deal and the list goes on.
Mahama has plugged his brother from obscurity only to allow him squander the National resources to the tune of over fifty million of dollars even to the extent of collapsing a Bank. Wanton and irresponsible purchase of private planes and cars and flaunting his greedy and illegitimate gains and showing a display of arrogance to boot is the hallmark of Mahama’s brother. All these while our children do not access to schools and our mothers are dying during childbirth and our health indicators are deteriorating

To add insult to injury, there is recent revelation of Mahama and his wife stashing over one hundred and seventy million dollars in a Swiss Bank. We pray this is not true, but there is no fire without smoke and as Shakespeare said the “the thought but not the deed confounds us”
“Team B, Incompetent, Greedy Bastards running the country into the ABYSS” This is how JJ Rawlings characterized Mahama and his team. And this comes from the Chairman of his own party. Do we need any more convincing to tell you that Mahama is not fit to be President of Ghana. The four years of Mills and Mahama has been a disaster and four years of wasted opportunity. Ghana can and should do a whole lot better but we need selfless leaders and leaders with a vision, not the kind like Mahama who only see opportunity for self-gain and to plunder the country
The sexual and moral character of Mahama leaves a lot to be desired and indicates his moral weakness that is not reflective of a leader worthy of emulation. Having so many children out of wedlock and with so many women shows poor judgment and moral bankruptcy. It also shows his cheap and shallow decision making process and how he will be inclined to take critical national decisions on the “fly” Maybe we need to remind Mahama that women are there not to satisfy his whimsical sexual pleasures but to be educated and inculcated into the national fabric of development
The latest pronouncement of Mahama that he would buy laptops for University Students for research is rather sad and reflects his myopic thinking. How can this be national policy? How many years can the nation sustain such a policy and will these laptops become the private properties of these students. What about a policy of establishing quality computer labs for all the tertiary institutions that can be there for posterity. Talk is cheap but unfortunately this is Mahama.
Atta Mills and Our Commander in Chief died under a most mysterious set of circumstances after we had been told ad nauseum that he was well. Mahama thinks that as a Nation we are fools and do not need to know what killed our President and the circumstances under which he died. His position is reflective of how he will run the office of the President, to share information piecemeal with the nation obviously taking us for granted. This smacks of arrogance and a lack of respect of the intelligence of the populace. Totally unacceptable.
Ghana is poised for greatness but this Greatness will elude us if we elect Leaders of the caliber of Mahama. We need visionary pragmatic leaders who are passionate about the country and who are willing to sacrifice and articulate programs and policies to elevate the country. We always like to say we started with countries like South Korea and Malaysia. We are where we are because we have lacked True, Selfless and Visionary Leadership. We cannot continue to make such mistakes.
Ghana deserves better. Mahama does NOT have the marbles to take us to the next stage and he certainly does not have the MORAL right to want to be President of Ghana