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NPP is making President Mahama more popular

Comment: Pls.don't compare Akufo to Romney

2012-11-04 07:54:00
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NPP is making President Mahama more popular

U are an NDC apparachi & that's fine.But U sabotage ur arguments when u inject american politics into the equation. Don't even go there b'cus Obama is a DISASTER. Actually Obama & Akufo have the same temperament, swaggerish demeanor,divisive, ego driven pompous whose motive of apprenda is power driven and have contempt for achievement and success.Romney is not a Saint but has atrack record of which every reasonable person can be proud of.U know, I don't care if I have something in common with the president or not, as long as the country is on the right track and my life or the lives of my children are brigther, ride-on okay. Right now America is facing huge problems both home and Abroad and Obama has no clue.Walk thro the malls and U will find store after store closed for good and those that are open, the prices of their mechandise you can't afford. And u're telling me I need a president who connects,no I need a fixer somebody who actually fix stuff okay not somebody who just talk.I don't understands why the so called elites are blind to the plight of the people.I never thought I will concur with my uncle who had no formal education but had a successfull life by being pragmatic in applying a simple ghanian expression " book for nothing sense be man" open ur eyes. If I was a good writer like you, I will show U an itinerary of failed Obama policies without invoking Libya to justify why Romney does not compare to Akufo. Maybe one day we will meet in person to iron our differences.

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11-04 04:28
Pls.don't compare Akufo to Romney
11-04 07:54