Feature Article of Monday, 5 November 2012

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

Never in the history of this country have

Day awaits “Ananias’ John Dramani Mahama.

Ghanaians been bombarded with series of distortions, fabrications,
misrepresentations and blatant lies by a group of quacks led by the Chief
Ananias, John Dramani Mahama.

Today, John Mahama, flag-bearer of the
nebulous Nefarious Destructive Cancer has exposed his ignorance and
insensitivity to the plight of the less fortunate members of the society. His
insensitivity is borne out of the fact that he and the NDC would like the
masses to remain uneducated. By so doing, President Mahama and his acolytes
hope to keep the bulk of their support base ignorant so that they may have the
opportunity to dictate to them the standard of life they should lead.

Since the Nefarious contraption came to
power, “Ananias” John Mahama and his team of cheer leaders seem to forget that
they are no longer in opposition but in government and are therefore expected
to solve the problems confronting the nation. Making reference to what the NPP did
or failed to do when the party was in power is neither here nor there.

have deliberately chosen to forget the fact that the inability of the NPP to
implement most of their manifesto promises was perhaps what accounted for the
party’s defeat in the December 2008 Elections.

Now “Ananias” John Mahama and his bunch of
“incompetents” take solace in the fact that they could shout “el dorado” for
there is no danger in their inability to implement what they have promised
Ghanaians. Ask them why they have not done what they have promised us in their
manifesto and they will refer you to the 2008 Manifesto of the NPP.

And if this
is their thought, then I am equally right to conclude that there is surely
something wrong with their thinking process, and have therefore no basis in being
in government and the earlier they got out of it the better it would be for
them and Ghanaians.

Now, let’s go to the issue of Free
Education at the Senior High School Level. The Nefarious Destructive Cancer has
all along been saying that anything free is of inferior quality. But who, apart
from John Mahama and the NDC agree with them? For an answer let’s travel
through History and see what it has for us.

In the Bible, we learnt that when the
Israelites were roaming in the wilderness of Canaan, they felt hungry and
complained. God sent down manna from heaven to feed them. Will “Ananias” Mahama
say that the manna that came from Heaven was of inferior quality?

What about
Jesus feeding of the 5,000 and the 12,000 men on different occasions? He asked
the disciples to give them food, but for lack of faith, the disciples like
President Mahama asked Jesus where they were going to get food to feed the
large number of people.

In John 6:8 &9, it is written: “One of
His disciples, Andrews, Simon Peter’s brother said to him, ‘There is a lad here
who has five barley loaves and two small fish’’. You see, God works His
miracles through human beings. It was the willingness of the lad to give out
his 5 loaves of bread and his two fish that our Lord Jesus Christ used to feed
the thousands of people who had turned up to listen to Him.

In a similar mien, Nana Akufo Addo is the
point of contact that God is going to bring succor to the suffering Ghanaian
people. The difference is that “Ananias” John Mahama, the President has the
golden opportunity to lesson the burden of Ghanaians, but like Rehobeam, he is
telling us that our forefathers chastised us with whips, but he is going to
chastise Ghanaians with scorpions. Ei, “Ananias” John Mahama, is that how you are?
You who enjoyed free education! You are telling us to the face that we do not
merit a similar treatment. But Nana Akufo Addo is different. Even though he has
the means to live a life of luxury, he finds it difficult to lead that life
with squalor spread all around him. He is offering Ghanaians a precious gift of
Free SHS education to Ghanaians.

Yes, God wants to use Nana Akufo Addo to
put smiles on the faces of Ghanaians.

Now, let’s come to Pastor Mensah Otabil’s
so-called tape on Free Education. The debate on the issue has been going on for
a long time and the NDC finds itself boxed into a tight corner. All of a sudden
with two or three days to a major debate by the Four flag-bearers with
representation in Parliament, the NDC comes up with a tape purporting to be
that of Pastor Mensah Otabil in which he lashes out at proponents of free
education concept. The NDC jumps up and eulogizes this man of God whom they had
berated and derided over the years. “Yes, Mensah Otabil is truly a man of God”.
Mensah Otabil has hit the nail right on the head”. “Free education is not
possible, neither now or in the foreseeable future”. “Mensah Otabil has said it

The above were some of the “melodious”
tunes emanating from the stable of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer. The so
called tape was made more than a decade ago. But the NDC presented it as if the
revered man of God had delivered the message on the Sunday preceding the
Tuesday’s Presidential debate. According to a statement issued by the Head
Pastor of Mensah Otabil’s church, the tape that was presented by the NDC was “a
collection of Thoughts edited from a message shared a decade ago and pierced
together to create the impression that he is taking a stand on the current
political debate on the issue of education when he wanted to put up a
university”. Diabolical, you might say.

Why didn’t the NDC say that the tape was
made over a decade ago? And the message
was not made with reference to Senior High School education but on tertiary
education. Mischief at the highest order! Why did they not play out the entire

And our Ananias of a President is presiding
over all this grand deceit, just to hang on to power.

The arguments being put up by President “Ananias”
Mahama and his cheer leading club make them laughable and despicable when
juxtaposed with the actions and utterances by members of the contraption. They
continue to sing their swansong that basic education cannot be free. But today
I want to ask them: “Which aspect of Basic Education is not free?” Ghanaians deserve
to know.

These nebulous noise makers with timorous
souls continue to say that “Free Senior High School will not be possible
without putting forth adequate infrastructure”. But today, I want to ask them
another question. When “Atastalike” Baba
Vanderpuye, Accra Mayor came up with his executive fiat which abolished the
shift system in Basic Schools, were there adequate classrooms to cater for
those pupils affected by his fatwa?

Again, when the late President and his
Ananias of a Vice President decided to establish the two universities which are
yet to take off in both the Western and Volta Regions, were there adequate
infrastructure in place? What about the newly created District Assemblies? What
facilities were in place before they were created?

The NDC talks of free laptops. How free are
they? A relative of mine applied for one. His mother had to see a top member of
the NDC in her constituency. He was asked to pay a “nominal” fee. He protested
but was told by the person who facilitated the process to pay as it was what he
termed “administrative” charges. Does the NDC want to tell us that all those
who got the laptops are computer literate? Again, when the (P) NDC opted for
the JSS/SSC concept, how many computer/introductory technology laboratories were
in place?

The Nefarious Destructive Cancer talks of
supplying free exercise books to people. But going by their own analysis can we
say that the exercise books are indeed free? Are they not being paid from our
taxes? Yet, they bear the tag “free”. The Constitution talks of education being
made progressively free at the Secondary School level. Some one had to start it.
Nana has elected himself to do just that.

The NDC sees the free SHS education as
something unattainable because they are faint-hearted. Nana Akufo Addo the man
with the “I can do” spirit sees it as something attainable. That’s the
difference between President John Mahama and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.
President “Ananias” John Dramani Mahama, blinded by selfish motive doesn’t want
anybody to go closer to his status and has therefore decided to shut the doors of
opportunity to the less fortunate members of the society. Nana Akufo Addo can
afford to pay the school fees of his grand children but he feels the less
privileged members of the society ought to be assisted and so he plans to give
a level playing field to all Ghanaians, irrespective of their financial

Will the NDC be candid and tell Ghanaians
the number of free uniform they have provided to school pupils in the Greater Region.
I speak of facts. In Greater Accra Region, during the 2011/2012 Academic Year,
the NDC government supplied only 30 school uniform to the over 860,000 pupils
in the Region. This is a documented fact and whoever doubts me should get a
copy of “Regional Education Sector Performance Report of Greater Accra Region
for 2011/2012”. Turn to page 28 of the brochure and you will be surprised to
read that only 30 uniforms were supplied to needy pupils.

I now move on to specific
actions/utterances of the President which do not portray him as someone

During the recently held presidential
debates at Tamale, the NPP’s candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, as a first
step to help ease the hardships of the Kayayeis, promised to build hostels for
them. What did our Ananias of a President say? He pooh-poohs the proposal and
termed it the greatest insult to the intelligence of Ghanaians. I have
personally done an in-depth study of the kayayei issue and can speak
authoritatively on the subject. But I will leave that for another day.

But we were taken aback when their own
loose canon and “power miss road” Tony Aidoo came out to contradict his own
president who has been touted by his adherents as “Mr Know All”. What did Tony
Aidoo say? He said the issue of building hostels for the Kayayeis by Nana Akufo
Addo and which has been criticized by his own flag-bearer, President “Ananias”
John Mahama had indeed been stolen from the NDC 2004 Manifesto.

That in a nutshell shows the level of confusion
that has bedeviled the Nefarious Destructive Cancer being led by the most
notorious “fraudster” and liar that bestrides this sinful world of ours, the one
and only Great “Ananias” John Dramani Mahama.

As if that was not enough, Nana Akufo Addo,
Flag bearer of the NPP told the audience the amount of money which the Ghanaian
Government is spending on the 250 NDC Doctors being trained in Cuba. The President,
like what happened during the
exclusive interview he had with Shaka Ssali, host of VOA Straight Talk Africa
programme when he forgot that he had already told the international community
that he had met the late president on the morning of his death again forgot
that he himself was a signatory to a document presented by his Minister of
Health, Joseph Yieleh Chireh in which he admitted that the entire amount spent
on the students was GHC160million, making it GhC105, 000 per student. The
President cut in to say that the total amount of money spent on each student
was $5,000.

Ei, President John Mahama, do you want to
compete with Mahama Ayariga for the coveted position of the most uninformed
politician in Ghana at the moment? That’s how it appears to many Ghanaians. The
Ghana Medical Association has come out to debunk the President’s figures while
the figures given out by the flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party.

Will the advisors to the President be kind
enough to answer these simple questions? Why did the President choose to quote
the amount in dollars instead of Ghana Cedis? To the layman, when we talk of
scholarship, it means one is not expected to pay anything. We have been made to
understand that the agreement is about the Government of Cuba offering
scholarships to the 250 Ghanaians to be trained in Medicine in Cuba. Why do we
have to pay such exorbitant amount to the same Government which is offering us
the scholarships? Or is it that the amount we are paying will go to the pockets
of a top member of the nefarious contraption? We need to interrogate this

Why has the President all of a sudden lost
his memory to such an extent that he conjures figures which in no way reflect
the realities on the ground? Or is it the case of selective amnesia? We have
not forgotten Okudzeto Ablakwa’s lies of the NDC Government having created 1.5
million jobs within the first two years of the NDC’s administration.

figure was contradicted by the substantive Minister, E.T.Mensah. One can
therefore conclude that in the contraption called the NDC, mediocrity reigns

Again, the President launched an unprovoked
attack against the NPP Flag-bearer when the latter suggested he would make his
Vice President chair the National Development Planning Commission should he be
elected President. Hear the Ananias of our President “Indeed I think there is
confusion in the mind of the NPP Presidential Candidate in the answer he gave.
That is exactly the concern we have in this country where a political party
leaves government, the plans and visions that are instituted are thrown away”

But the NDC manifesto would politicize it
to give room for imputation of ideas and policies from political and other
interested groups to give the NDPC its national character.

The NDC manifesto
would make the President Chairman of the Commission. At present, the Commission
is chaired by Mr P.V.Obeng, a well known member of the nefarious contraption.

So, between Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and
President “Ananias” John Dramani Mahama, who is more confused? And between
Mahama Ayariga and our Ananias of a President, who is more confused. And last
but not he least, between Kofi Wayo and President “Ananias” Mahama, who is more
confused. .

But I cannot end this write-up without
making reference to the 1st Samuel: 11 -14.
Then the Lord said to Samuel: “Behold I
will do something in Israel and which both ears of everyone who hears it will

“In that day, I will perform against Eli
all that I have spoken concerning his house from beginning to end.

“For I have told him that I will judge his
house forever for the iniquity which he knows, because his sins made themselves
vile and he did not restrain them.

“And therefore I have sworn to the house of
Eli that the iniquity of Eli’s house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or
offering forever”.

Fellow Ghanaians, the ball is in your
court. Play it the way you want. President Mahama has presided over many
atrocities inflicted on Ghanaians, but he like Eli in the Holy Bible, has not
bothered to reprimand perpetrators of such heinous crimes. Why? Possibly, he is
the beneficiary! The death of his predecessor under mysterious circumstances
calls for an open investigation, but that could only be done over “Ananias”
dead body. Why? Because it was the death of the former President under strange
circumstances that opened a door of opportunity for him to become President. If
you were the President, would you open the Pandora Box? Definitely, not!

But there is something Ghanaians could do
to avert the calamity that would befall the entire nation if we failed to act.
The wrath of God would definitely befall the entire nation as if happened to
Eli for not reprimanding his children when they went wrong. The door of opportunity
is opened to us to avert the ominous calamity that looms dangerously over this
nation. We have to use our thumbs to vote out this dangerous and masters in the
art of group mind manipulation called the Nefarious Destructive Cancer from
power. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

For me, that is exactly what I am going to
do. I will use my thumb to severe any link I have with this callous and demonic
regime whose main purpose in seeking political power is to keep ordinary people
like you and me under poverty level. What have they done for you after four
years of tightening our belts? For me and my household we shall serve the Lord
by ensuring that these pseudo politicians with diabolical minds doe not come
anywhere near the corridors of power.

Let me leave you with this beautiful
utterance of a friend of mine, Alhaji Kadiri of Iwo, in Osun State. “A human
being may get rich through bloodshed and betrayal but the control button for
true joy and the consequences of man’s actions are completely outside his
latitude of influence”.

I shall surely return.

Daniel Danquah Damptey (damptey_daniel@yahoo.com)